Super Cute Baby Shower Gift Ideas - You'll Be the Hit of the Gift Giving

By Jennifer Kelly

You've been invited to a baby shower and the task of finding the best baby shower gift is looming over your head. Because yes, it is important to make sure the gift you give is truly a great gift - and something that the mother-to-be will actually use. If you're already a parent, buying for an expecting mother can be pretty easy. We know what gifts make the most sense and what is (and what is not) a practical gift. Diaper Genie... need I say more?

Buying a baby shower gift can be as simple as buying a few onsies, bottles, bibs etc. But that's what everyone is going to fall back on. Give the mommy to be a gift she'll really love by putting a little thought and creativity into your gift. Check out the ideas below for some cute and unique ideas.

Best Baby Shower Gifts Ever - Unique Ideas That Will Set You Apart

Clothesline Baby Shower Gift

One of my absolute favorite gifts for a baby shower is the clothesline gift. It doubles as a shower decoration, so if you're hosting the shower the two for one is a great idea. Even if you're not hosting the shower, you can get with the hostess and go in on it together... the more decorations the merrier I say!

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Five Sure Ways to Raise a Responsible Child

By Larry F Waldman Online Store

As an experienced clinical child psychologist I believe the ultimate goal of any parent is to rear an independent, responsible child. While at first glance this may appear obvious, if we observe most parents in action on a day-to-day basis, it becomes evident that many parents have no idea how to achieve this objective.

Most parents never take a course on parenting or even read a book or two on the topic. Ask many parents, "How do you foster independence and responsibility in your child?" and you are likely to get a blank stare.

Our nation's future rests in the hands of our youth. It is the job of today's parents to properly raise these children. I contend that being an effective parent--and an effective spouse--are probably the two most important things that an adult can achieve.

Many parents believe that independence in our children occurs, more or less magically, when the child turns 18. For example, I recently had a case in which the father of a 17 year-ten-month-old daughter, insisted that she maintain a 10:30 pm curfew. This girl, my client, was upset with her father because this early curfew interfered with her active (and appropriate) social life. When I met with father he argued that the curfew was in place-- and would remain so--to keep his daughter "safe."

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